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We had a wonderful week! We had the honor of being the first children to pray in our new Our Lady of Fatima Adoration Chapel.  How lucky for us because it’s right next door to our classroom!  Father Dufner brought the Blessed Sacrament for Adoration during our rosary, Mrs. Coone and some 8th graders joined us too!  What a great way to end our week.  We also had a special treat because Miss Justen and I made a “miracle of the sun” cake and we had sun tea and cake while we watched the story of Fatima video together as a 2nd grade! Wow, what a Friday!

Also, it was so nice to see so many parents at conferences and quite enjoyable to share your child’s successes with you.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else next week. 

This week we were busy learning as always as well!  Our reading story this week was a challenge for us as we wondered about our big question of the unit – What makes someone a responsible person?  Our writing time was all about describing our pumpkins and learning about the 4 types of sentences – Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamatory.  Whew, heady stuff for 2nd grade!   In Math we are working on +8 addition facts and finishing up Ch. 1 – Addition and Subtraction.  We are trying to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction, making sense of the numbers.  Our Science study is about How Scientists use tools to help them in their inquiry work.  Finally, in religion we learned about Original Justice, the fallen angels, Adam & Eve and Original Sin. 

Please let me know of any concerns or questions.  I am here to help!

God Bless,

Mrs. Rodgers 763-754-1750, ext. 430

Note: We do have a nut allergy in our room, so please do not send treats of any kind to share with the group that contain nuts.  Thank you!

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Subject Area News – For the weeks of 10/16 & 10/23
For the week of 10/16, there will be NO homework checklist.  Stay tuned for a new one on 10/23.  Thank you!

This week in Ch. 6 – Becoming a Child of God we study Baptism and its effects.  After MEA we will move on to Ch. 7 – Obeying God Our Father and learn about what happened after Adam & Eve sinned.   We will have a test on Ch. 6 on Tuesday, October 18th and Ch. 7 the following week.  We’ve also started to memorize The Act of Contrition.  Please help us with this at home as well.

Prayers to practice at home – We pray the rosary daily in class and are learning all parts of it.  They will naturally learn the prayers through repetition, however, if you could practice the Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Our Father, Hail Mary, Apostles Creed, and Hail Holy Queen at home as well, that would be wonderful.  Shortly, in preparation for 1st Reconciliation, we will need to memorize the Act of Contrition and the 10 Commandments.

During the short week we will take a Unit Vocabulary test and continue working on sentence types as well as what is a noun.  There will not be a story this week.  Then on Monday, October 23rd we will read Carlos and the Corn Field, a realistic fiction story about a boy who’s given an important job of planting the family cornfield.

We finished up fall poems and will be finishing up our pumpkin descriptions. Afterward, we’ll move on to writing a biography report about our favorite saint.  Your child will choose a saint, write an outline and then use the outline to right a short paragraph about their saint’s life.   We will start next week and finish after MEA.

We will not have spelling words during the short week.  Starting on 10/23 our spelling focus for eagles will be open and closed syllable words and the sound ch.  Hawks & Wrens will be working on consonant sounds for y and w as well as the short e sound.  Spelling Test – Friday, 10/27.

During the short week we will not have a math facts sheet or game.  We pick back up on 10/24 with the final week of addition facts.  In our Math book we will finish up Ch. 1 on Tuesday, 10/17 with a Ch. 1 test.  I will send a practice test home on Monday for them to use to get ready.  After break we will start studying place value and move to a new section in IXL to practice place value.  Ch. 1 Math Test Tuesday, 10/17.

We finish up working like scientists on Tuesday, 10/17 and test on this after reviewing on Monday.  Next up on 10/23 – our next unit in History – The War of 1812.  In Science we are going to be studying weather coming up as well so I encourage you to help your child by noticing the weather, checking the weather and talking about how what we do and nature does changes with the weather changes.

Weather Unit Project – Nature in a Box – Please note I will be sending home a note in the yellow folders on Tuesday, 10/17, about a project that is due later in November.  It’s called “Nature in a Box”.  If you do not see this project info, please let me know so your child can start working on it.

Online Resources:
You can access our Science curriculum via Think Central – Students can read the book online and much more.  I sent home information about how to log into Think Central.  If you did not get it, please let me know and I will send it home again.  IXL has been getting a lot of use for Math.  Thank you for your enthusiasm!  




Upcoming Events:

  • Happy October Birthdays! Mara October 23rd
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences Tuesday, 10/17 from 3-5pm & 5:45-7:30pm
  • Mass – Tuesday, 10/17 @ 8AM
  • First Reconciliation Parent Meeting: Sunday, October 15th at 4:00-5:30 pm in the school cafeteria. To help you fully prepare your child to receive the sacrament, parents are asked to attend one of the two offered parent meetings. The same information is given at both meetings.  No RSVP needed.
  • Final Marathon Pep Fest – Tuesday, 10/17 @ 1:30PM

Specials Schedule:
Monday – Music 8:00 & Library 8:30
Tuesday – Spanish 12:30
Wednesday – Music 8:00 & PE 12:25
Thursday – Art 11:45
Friday – Computer 9:30 & PE 12:30

Morning Recess Daily 9:00 – 9:20
Recess/Lunch Daily  Recess 10:40, Lunch 11:00-11:25
All School Mass – Tuesdays at 8:00, unless otherwise communicated




Mark your calendars:
Meet and Greet the Principal ” Ann Coone” Sunday, August 6th from 10:00 – 12:30
New Family Orientation 4:00-4:30 or 6:30- 7:00 in the Media Center.
Open House Wednesday, August 30th 4:30- 7:00. Visit your classroom and meet the teachers.

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    Hi Everyone!
    Hope you had a nice week. My webpage is up to date through 10/23. Please take a look.
    God Bless your weekend,
    Mrs. Rodgers

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