Mrs. Ressler

First Grade Room 101

Dear Parents,

Our field trip to Berry Hill Farm is on Monday.  Please bring a pillowcase to bring your baby pumpkin home in safely.  A name on the pillowcase is always a great thing!

Marathon was this past Saturday, October, 7th.   Our final pepfest is on Tuesday, Oct. 17th at 1:30!  Please send in your last donations! Check out  a quick link to all the calendar events for Marathon, school activites, and conferences:

The Coon Rapids Fire Department shared a few fire safety tips with us on Wednesday.  Even Fire Chief John Piper was there!  They taught us it is important to have two escape routes from your house in case of a fire.  Do you?

Thank you to the parents I had a chance to meet with for conferences on Thursday night.   I look forward to talking to the rest on Tuesday night. Conferences will be 15 minutes and held in the gym.

Friday marked the 100th anniversary of the Fatima.  Mass was held on Friday to commemorate this wonderous miracle. We are so excited to announce the special adoration chapel that is being created in our school. My “old” second grade room is now a special place to adore Jesus!

If for any reason you need to contact me, please feel free to email me at any time or call before school or after school). You may leave me a message on my voicemail, also. Again, I want to welcome everyone back to school and I hope that we will have a blessed year.


Mrs. Ressler

D.O.G.   (Depend On God)


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Dear parents,

You will find all the useful weekly information in the following picture.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

This link is a list of the weekly spelling sentences to be tested with the words.   Spelling sentences

**EachTuesday and Thursday your child will bring home reading homework. Please read the books together and return them to the folder as soon as you are finished.   Please sign the folder indicating thatyour child read to you or another. Return the signed folder and book the very next day. Your child will receive a punch on his/her reading card. Once your child has 8 punches, a reward will be given.

Tuesday reading- decodable reader featuring a specific genre and the vocabulary words (not spelling words).

Thursday reading-featured weekly story.

Please find time to read each day! Be sure your child is reading to his/her level.






Specialists’ Schedule:

Monday: Computer 8:00, Art 11:35-12:20 (This is a change)

Tuesday: Mass 8:00 (Please no shorts), Music 11:30, *PE 12:00

Wednesday:  Spanish 1:00

Thursday:  Library 12:00, *PE 1:00

Friday:   Music 11:35

Lunch: 10:35 (recess) 11:00-11:25 (lunchroom)

Outreach: ♥Fourth Grade Reading Buddies will be on the first Tuesday of the month 1:30-2:00.  

* Please remember to bring PE shoes on the assigned days.

Mrs. Dawn Ressler
101 First Grade
St Francis of Assisi
Epiphany Catholic School
11001 Hanson BLVD
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
(763) 754-1750 ext. 420

These are a few websites to check in on….

Simply cut and paste the link.

Math websites:

Addition Facts:

Coin Math:

Counting Coins:

Counting Money:

Fun School Games:

Garage Sale:

Harcourt Math Games:

Matching Money:

Math Baseball:

Money, Money:

Second Grade Math Games:

Stop the Clock:

Sum Sense- Addition:

Sum Sense –Subtraction:

What time is it?

Reading and Writing Websites:

Favorite Reading and Writing Links Book Adventure:

Dictionary for young children:

Grammar Gorillas:

Magic Key Adventures:

PBS Kids:

Scholastic Book Leveler:

Spelling City:


Writing your name:

Religion Websites:  Please enjoy these with your child


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  1. Dawn Resssler

    Are you excited for the fieldtrip to the Berry Hill Farm on Monday, Oct. 16th? I am!!

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