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Band Schedule
Orchestra Schedule

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Links to Recordings:

Middle School Band – “The Groovemeister” , Pathfinder, Two Shaker Songs

Middle School Orchestra – Mystic Dances, Whirlwind, Rock Bottom Boogie

Intermediate Orchestra (elementary) – March and Canon, Debut for Strings

Middle School Assignments, Grades, and Other Important Information:

Please check Cornerstone for assignments and grades. Teachers will enter assignments and indicate in Cornerstone if your student has a missing assignment by Saturday morning of every week. Assignment grades will be entered within two weeks of the assignment due date. Documents needed for completing an assignment will be attached to the assignment in Cornerstone.

Teacher web pages contain helpful class information such as announcements, policies, objectives, class documents, and resources.

Room 713
St Paul

Email them directly at Totino Grace
Phil Smithley
Lara MacLean

763-754-1750 x. 454

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