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Mrs. Wuchterl’s Kindergarten Class

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Recap from this week:

Reading:  Letter P.  Word – to.  Rhyming.

Math:  More, fewer, and the same.  One-to-one correspondence. Comparing groups.

Science:  Life cycle of a mealworm.  Metamorphosis.  We now have a beetle!

Religion:  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Saint Bernadette was told by Mary, in a vision, that Mary is The Immaculate Conception.  Saint Nicholas – the boy who became Santa (movie).  First week in Advent.

Writing:  12 ways to be kind to others.

Next Week:

Reading:  Letter J.  Rhyming.

Math:  Recognition and writing of numbers 0-5.  Ordinal numbers (4th,5th etc.).

Religion:  Feast of St. Lucy.  Second week in Advent.

Science:  The Night Sky.  Continue watching the metamorphosis of our mealworms into beetles.

Show-n-tell:  Bring an object that starts with J, and 3 clues.

Child of God:  Mya Nguyen

Music:  Practicing for the Christmas Concert.  Let me know if you did not receive a letter about the concert (what to wear and time to come).

Social Room:  The wrapping station is in full swing!

*Be sure to fill out and send in your field trip form


Have a good weekend!





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Reading: Letter A; New Sight word – See; Descriptive Words
Math: Patterns
Show-n-tell: Bring an item that starts with A when it is your show-n-tell day.  Help your child come up with 3 clues to help describe the object and the rest of the class will guess what it is.
Science: Meal worm observations; Using tools in science; Finishing up with nocturnal animals











Please watch for more details to come at the beginning of the school year.








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