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Elementary and Middle School Technology

”  Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”

                                     -Franklin Roosevelt

Welcome to the Elementary and Middle School Technology page !

NWEA testing for grades 1st -8th was completed this week. Going forward into the upcoming weeks regular technology classes will resume as normal. Weekly grade level activities in the computer lab, are posted under the Technology Classes tab. Middle school assignments are posted in Educate (Cornerstone) for parents and student viewing. login at

In addition for any Educate (Cornerstone) issues or questions with your parent portal login please feel free to email me at  .

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In our lab, students explore and expand their technology skills. Given the opportunity to enhance the school curriculum with digital hardware, students are provided with technology tools to create, produce, and present audio and video images. In addition students continue to expand and explore technology skills with coding and a variety of software  .

Technology is essential part of today’s society as is your child’s successful use of it. Students expand technology skills in the lab and then  integrate those technology skills within their classroom learning.

Grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade have technology classes once a week for 30 minutes. Grades 4th and 5th have 30 minute technology classes twice a week .All work in done in the lab.

6th-8th students have 40 minute Technology classes twice a week. Students use google classroom and Cornerstone . Assignments and grades are view-able for students and parents in Cornerstone.

Summer Months : keep on Keyboarding !!! is a great way to keep up your keyboarding skills. 5- 10 minutes a day is all it takes!!!!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
502 & 503
401 & 402
302 & 301
503 & 502
8th grade
401 & 402
101 & 102
8th Grade
K1 & K2
7th grade
6th Grade
201 & 201
7th grade
6th Grade
8th grade


Kindergarten and 1st Grade                                             2nd and 3rd Grade                                      4th and 5th Grade
Week of 9/5                                                                      Week of 9/5                                                 Week of 9/5
class this week                                                                Class rules                                                   Class Rules
KWL- Keyboarding                                       Keyboarding

6th Grade


Mouse and Tech Basic Video
Bees and Honey
Jig zone Puzzles              






Technology at Epiphany

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