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Epiphany is a  K-8 Catholic School that has served families of the Epiphany Parish for 46 years.  We are committed to educating the whole child; mind, body, and soul. We are staffed by teachers who are faith-filled, caring, and dedicated to each individual child.  They are committed to academic excellence as well as the spiritual development of their students. Our students are immersed into the life of their Catholic Faith.  They celebrate Mass weekly, begin and end each day in prayer, visit the adoration chapel, and study their Catholic Faith each day.  They are encouraged to live the Great Commandments of Loving God and their neighbor.  Students live these commandments through school service projects and treating each other with kindness and charity. Church of the Epiphany provides the Gift of a Catholic Education to all of its families.  It is the most valuable tool in Evangelizing our young and introducing them to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We invite everyone to join us.


Epiphany Catholic School, an integral part of Epiphany Parish, is a Christ-centered faith community. Dedicated to formation of the whole person we are committed to providing all students with the highest quality Catholic education. We are preparing students to “Manifest Christ to All.”


We believe the purpose of Catholic education is to know and understand the gospel message, to worship, to build and be a community of faith. That Christ is present at all times, with the Eucharist at the heart of our lives as Catholics, and that we, all are created in the image and likeness of God. We believe that all students are taught, encouraged, and supported in learning essential knowledge and the skills that support life-long learning. That learning is the flexible use of knowledge in a variety of contexts and engaging experiences and enables students to benefit in a positive school environment.


Epiphany Parish, which began in 1964, was founded with educational priorities as part of its mission. Through the hard work of Pastor, Reverend Bernard Reiser whose vision was to build a school first because “… if salvation was the primary goal, then Epiphany must offer its children five days of Catholic education.” The first staff was composed of four lay teachers and six Sisters of Notre Dame. The school opened its doors in 1967 serving grades three through seven. During the years that followed Epiphany School doubled in size and grew to include first through ninth. In August of 1984, Kindergarten was added, followed by a Extended day program to serve school families in 1987. The mid 1990’s began large remodeling projects, enabling  the school to expand its facilities for educational resources for students. These facilities included space for Special Education, Chapter 1, Foreign language and additional classrooms due to the growing size. In 2005 full-day Kindergarten began and a preschool program was added to the extended day program.Epiphany offers a comprehensive learning program for students in grades K-8. In its forty years Epiphany has graduated over 3,000 students. Father Reiser retired in 2001, and was followed by Father Kennedy, and  Father  Zehran in 2004. In 2012, Father Thomas Duffner became pastor of Epiphany Parish and continues to lead with a strong vision for Catholic Education.

Preschool & Extended Day

The mission of Epiphany’s Preschool and Extended day program is  to provide a safe, stimulating, Christian environment that focuses on the child’s total well- being; social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. Epiphany’s Preschool program is available for three and four year olds , 2 to 3 days a week , and an Extended day program that serves kindergarten through sixth grade students after school, from 2:10- 6:00 pm, and non-school days and during the summer from 6:30 am-6:00 pm. For more information on our Preschool and Extended Day programs click here   Preschool    Extended Day

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Why Choose Epiphany

Choosing a child’s education is one of the most important decisions a parent makes. At Epiphany Catholic School you will find:

Religious Instruction Daily.
Religion is at the heart of Epiphany School and the reason for the schools existence. Religion exposes students to the Church’s basic beliefs and provides opportunities for children to express their faith in an environment where Christian living and learning is emphasized. Students receive daily religious instruction, participate in daily prayer, attend weekly mass, spend time in Adoration.
Student Class Ratio Size
Our small class sizes ensure students are not only challenged, but also given the individual attention they deserve. We have two or three sections of each grade level, with an average class size of 21 students.
Preschool / Extended Day and Kindergarten Program
Epiphany offers a full day, every day Kindergarten , along with a School Readiness Preschool program and Extended Day program  which’s serves Epiphany families throughout the school year and summer. 
Committed to Parents and Students
Epiphany  partners with parents to help every child succeed. Parents are encouraged to be involved in school activities : attend school Masses, join your child for lunch, volunteer in your child’s classroom. Being an active part of your child’s educational experience creates an essential bond between home and school.
An Unequalled Educational Setting
Epiphany students are challenged, and given the individual attention they deserve. Our academics are rigorous, yet adapt to the needs of each student. We provide a firm foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.