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A Letter From Our Principal


Dear Family and Friends of Epiphany Catholic School,

Catholic education is at the heart of the Catholic mission – a gift handed down through the generations by men and women with a sacrificial commitment to providing our children an education grounded in the love of Jesus Christ.  Although educational styles and philosophies have changed, the importance and vision of faithful Catholic schools, and the pivotal role that they must play in our children’s lives, have never wavered.   A Catholic education, steeped in truth, is one of the most important things we can give to our children.  As the Principal of Epiphany Catholic School, I take this responsibility very seriously and am committed to ensuring that our school provides students an education that will form them as Saints and Citizens for this world and the next.

Epiphany Catholic School has been a pillar of educational excellence in the northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota since 1967.  Our school has expanded both in structure and student population over the past fifty years.  Today, under the direction of our Pastor, Father Thomas Dufner, we teach over 430 students in Preschool through Grade 8.  Our team of dedicated, faith-filled staff members work tirelessly to ensure that the love of Christ is at the center of every school day, and the Catholic world view is at the core of every lesson.  Our curriculum, founded in the classical tradition, is continually reviewed for authenticity and value in training students to think critically and see with the eyes of Christ.  Our teachers are grounded in the Catholic Faith and take the Oath of Fidelity annually to remind our families and stakeholders that we are not only Catholic in word, but in mission and deed.   Every week our K-8 students celebrate Mass as a school and spend time with our Lord in Adoration in our school’s Our Lady of Fatima Chapel.  We make the Sacrament of Reconciliation available to our students regularly because we believe in the healing power of God’s mercy and forgiveness.  Our school calendar ebbs and flows within the Liturgical Seasons of the Church, celebrating Feast Days and Holy Days with passion and love for the great gift of our Faith.

I am personally committed to helping every family member and visitor see the good work of Christ and His Church in our school and in the efforts of our students and staff members.  In union with parents, my team and I are committed to forming God’s children in faith, virtue, and knowledge so that all may know and love Him according to His plan.  All are welcome to stop by for a visit to our beautiful school and parish, but if you are unable to visit, please join us spiritually in prayer for His Church and the children of Epiphany Catholic School.

Yours in Christ,

Ann Coone, Principal

Epiphany School's Core

Epiphany Catholic School, an integral part of Epiphany Parish, is a Christ-centered faith community. Dedicated to formation of the whole person we are committed to providing all students with the highest quality Catholic education. We are preparing students to “Manifest Christ to All.”

We believe the purpose of Catholic education is to know and understand the gospel message, to worship, to build and be a community of faith. That Christ is present at all times, with the Eucharist at the heart of our lives as Catholics, and that we, all are created in the image and likeness of God.

We believe that all students are taught, encouraged, and supported in learning essential knowledge and the skills that support life-long learning. That learning is the flexible use of knowledge in a variety of contexts and engaging experiences and enables students to benefit in a positive school environment.

Epiphany Parish, which began in 1964, was founded with educational priorities as p art of its mission. Through the hard work of Pastor, Reverend Bernard Reiser whose vision was to build a school first because “If salvation was the primary goal, then Epiphany must offer its children five days of Catholic education.” The first staff was composed of four lay teachers and six Sisters of Notre Dame. The school opened its doors in 1967 serving grades three through seven. During the years that followed Epiphany School doubled in size and grew to include first through ninth.

In August of 1984, Kindergarten was added, followed by a Extended day program to serve school families in 1987. The mid 1990’s began large remodeling projects, enabling the school to expand its facilities for educational resources for students. These facilities included space for Special Education, Chapter 1, Foreign language and additional classrooms due to the growing size. In 2005 full-day Kindergarten began and a preschool program was added to the extended day program.Epiphany offers a comprehensive learning program for students in grades K-8. In its forty years Epiphany has graduated over 3,000 students.

Father Reiser retired in 2001, and was followed by Father Kennedy, and Father Zehran in 2004. In 2012, Father Thomas Dufner became pastor of Epiphany Parish and continues to lead with a strong vision for Catholic education.

Epiphany Preschool & Extended Day

The mission of Epiphany’s Preschool and Extended Day program is  to provide a safe, stimulating, Christian environment that focuses on the child’s total well- being; social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. Epiphany’s Preschool program is available for three and four year old , with half and full day options, and an Extended day program that serves kindergarten through sixth grade students after school, from 2:10- 6:00 pm, and non-school days and during the summer from 6:30 am-6:00 pm.

For more information on our Preschool and Extended Day program please contact Sue Besst at sbesst@epiphanymn.org or at 763.862.4314

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