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We believe that every child participating in Epiphany's sports program will receive opportunities to develop athletic skills, build Christian character, self-esteem, sportsmanship, teamwork and contribute to a positive school spirit.

 Epiphany Athletics 2017 – 2018

Fall Sports – Soccer (Grades 6-8), Volleyball (Grades 5-8), Cross Country (Grades 4-8)

Boys basketball try-outs are scheduled for October 6th from 3:30-5:00 in the Epiphany gym. Registration materials are due Thursday, October 5th.
Registration Form Boys Basketball

With games now underway we have several opportunities for families to complete their voucher requirement for the year. We ask that each family sign up for one shift either in the concession stand, chaperoning a school dance, or admissions table at tournaments. We are using an online sign-up; the link is below. With this new system you will NOT need to send in a voucher slip to confirm your hours worked, since this will track everything.

Volunteer Sign Up

Registration Form Fall 2017
Code of Conduct Form
Medical Form
Voucher Slip

**Please note the change in our Voucher policy (changes in bold):

Each family is required to volunteer for either one shift in the concession stand at league games or admission table at tournaments (2 – 3 hours), or chaperone one Middle School dance (3 hours) during the school year. A $25 deposit check is due with the registration form for the first sport of the first child of the family. If the Athletic department has not received confirmation of your service by the end of the school year the deposit check will be cashed. If you do not plan on volunteering, please add $25 to the registration fee for the first sport for the family. Voucher slips are available in the school office and on the website. After you have worked your shift, complete the voucher form and return it to the Athletic Director. Please do not return your slip before you have actually worked the event. All volunteers are required to have a current background check on file at Epiphany, as well as have attended a VIRTUS training session.

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Who:  Epiphany and homeschooled boys and girls grades 6 – 8.
When:  Fall (September – October)


Who:  Epiphany and homeschooled boys and girls grades 5 – 8.
When:  Winter (Boys: November – January; Girls: January – March)


Who:  Epiphany and homeschooled girls grades 5 – 8.
When:  Fall (September – October)



Who:  Epiphany and homeschooled Boys grades 1st- 8th
When:  Winter (January – March)

Cross Country

Who:  Epiphany and homeschooled boys and girls grades 4 – 8.

When:  Fall (September – October)


Who:  Epiphany and homeschooled boys and girls 5th- 8th 
When:  Spring (March – May)

K-5 Intramural Sports

Floor Hockey

Intramural programs typically run between January and April with three sessions per sport.

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