Epiphany School Raffle

Catholic United Financial’s Catholic Schools Raffle

WEEK 4 UPDATE: After the Week 4 collection we have raised $15,450 and are at 51.5% of our goal. We are now at the halfway point of Raffle. There is still time for us to reach our goal, so let’s keep selling!!

CONGRATULATIONS to both Mrs. Wuchterl and Mrs. Ingebrigtsen’s Kindergarten classes. Both Kindergarten classrooms are the top selling classes this week and will enjoy a dessert of their choice at lunch this week. Way to go Kindergarten!!

There are 5 more qualifier this week for the high seller reward:

Rockin’ Rollin’ and Rockin” Refreshments (GR K-4) – Isabella Bauer, Lucy Torberg, and James Toberg

The Escape Room (GR 5-8) – Keegan Evans and McKenna Evans

Who else is going to join in the fun? Each student that sells 50 raffle tickets will be rewarded with this fun activity!

This year our goal is $30,000 which will be used to do the following:

1) Purchase new cafeteria trays

2) Purchase a Google Chromebook Cart and 30 Chromebooks for our Middle School

3) Purchase an iPad Cart and 30 new iPads for our K-5 students

4) Any additional funds will be used to help with the playground relocation and renovation

What You Need to Know

All tickets need to be tracked and accounted for, so please acknowledge receipt of each student’s tickets by returning the acknowledgement slip. This will help us to know that the students brought the tickets home. All tickets must be returned to Catholic United Financial, sold and unsold to comply with raffle rules. They should not be discarded – please just return them school if you are unable to sell. Additional tickets can be requested at the school office or by emailing schoolfundraising@epiphanymn.org.

General Raffle Information


Checks should be made out to “Epiphany School” – 100% of the $5 stays with our school!

There are still opportunities available to sell tickets after Mass – go to www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0945ABAA22AAF94-catholic2 to sign up to sell today! All tickets sold by student volunteers will count towards the rewards. Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have any questions, please contact schoolfundraising@epiphanymn.org.

Raffle Update – Thank you!!

Top Selling Class Week 4 (Dessert)

Mrs. Wuchterl & Mrs. Ingebrigtsen’s Kindergarten Classes!!

2018 Top Selling Grade (Pizza Party)

Who will it be this year?

2018 Top Selling Student (Wowwee Robot)

Who will it be this year?

Thank you to all students, families, teachers, and parishioners for supporting this years raffle!!

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