Each year, Epiphany actively participates in its annual Marathon activities to raise needed funds for the school and foster awareness of the contributions of catholic schools in our community. Every student and family at Epiphany School benefits from Marathon efforts, from the kick-off at Open House through our celebration of our annual goal. We nurture the seeds of the Catholic Church of the future!


We are excited to announce  As of October 13, 2017 our official total is $33,980.36!! That is an amazing amount for six weeks worth of effort! Congrats to all!!

So, what’s next? The relocation of the playground is taking place in three steps. More details will be shared closer to the spring when plans are finalized.

  • ·  Step 1: Refurbish and replace (upgrade) play- ground pieces that need some attention now. A contract is in place for this piece, thanks to the school efforts!
  • ·  Step 2: Finalize playground location and continue fundraising. This will be done in partnership with the parish.
  • ·  Step 3: Move playground to new location and add a section for our pre-school friends.

Remember, there is still time to make online donations! Here’s a helpful link:

This year with the funds raised , we will relocate and update the school playground. Here’s why:

  • Security – Teachers and staff no longer need to walk students across the parking lot. Also, the playground is not close to Hanson Boulevard (which is a major road).
  • Equipment Safety – Some of the current equipment needs to be repaired, resurfaced, or have missing parts replaced.
  • Proximity – When the playground is relocated to its new location, it will be closer to the school.



Final Celebrations

Party with the Principal
26 students reached this incentive and will celebrate at a special lunch with Mrs. Coone!

  • ·  November 20, 2017 for grades K-3
  • ·  November 21, 2017 for grades 5-8Grade Level Winner
    Congratulations to First Grade!!

    They won the overall prize for this year’s grade level donations . They’ll celebrate with a field trip to an amazing local adventure where their energy will be put to good use! Details and permission slips to follow for those families!

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Marathon Committee members: Amy DeRaad, Ann Evans, Cindi Malark, Kelly Collins, Kimberly Okvist, Laura Fanucci, Marie Keane, Missy Scalia, Molly Wahlgren, Terri Phillippi and Maria Zownirowycz

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