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 out-of-school time?
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Extended Day Advantage!

The mission of the Extended Day Program is to provide high quality care for kindergarten through sixth grade students during out-of-school time. The program provides a safe, stimulating, Christian environment that focuses on the child’s total well-being; social, physical, emotional and spiritual health. The development of personal and social responsibility is encouraged through a variety of meaningful hands-on activities, service projects, team-building exercises and leadership opportunities.

Extended Day News

Extended Day Summer Program. Register now for a spot in our Summer Spectacular! Awaiting your child:

  • Awesome new field trips,fabulous favorites,
  • Super on-site special events
  • Optional swim lessons
  • Exciting educational and recreational experiences.

The Program is all-inclusive; so there are no extra field trip dues!! Come as few or as many days as you like flexible enrollment options allow you to choose your days & weeks of attendance and only pay for those days. Open to the community, the program is available to all elementary students on a full-week or part-week basis, June 12 through August 25, from 6:30 am to 6 pm.  Join us for tons of adventure!  All kindergarten through sixth grade students welcome! Call to reserve your spot, Call 763.862.4314.
Extended Day hours   School Days:  2:10-6pm (after school)  
Release Days:   6am-6pm (full day)  
Summer Days:  6:30 am-6pm (full days)
Ages Served:  Kindergarten-Sixth Grade.
Children can attend as early as the summer right before kindergarten and can attend until their last day of sixth grade.

For more information please  contact Susan Besst, Director, at 763.755.7341 or sbesst@epiphanymn.org

  • Option 1:
Full Week Rate
 1st Child
- Attend 5 Days Each Week
 $2,580/Year, School Days- Approximately $15.18/Day (10 Months @ $258.00/Month)
  • Option 2:
Full Week Rate
- Attend 5 Days Each Week
  $2,325/Year, School Days Approximately $13.68/Day (10 Months @ $232.50/Month)
  • Option 3:
Part Week Rate 
1st Child and/or Sibling- Attend 1-4 Days Each Week $17.50/School Day

RATES: Release Days (2016-17 School Year)  Release Days are All-Inclusive; No Extra Field Trip Dues!!

Sign Up As You Go . . .
Choose the days you want and only pay for those days!Early Bird Rate:  $38/Child
 Regular Rate:  $48/Child
To receive discounted Early Bird Rate and guarantee a spot for your child, submit Schedule by following dates.

  • Fall Schedule DUE September 15:  Sept/Oct/Nov
  • Winter Schedule DUE November 15:  Dec/Jan/Feb
  • Spring Schedule DUE February 15:  March/April/May

The program is available approximately 15 release days throughout the school year; Schedule Forms available on Parent Board.  Cancellation Fee:  $15/day per child.

Extended Day Registration Contract-2016-17


Extended Day Program is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on spring break days and filled with adventure!
All kindergarten through sixth grade students welcome! Call to register your child, 763.862.4314.

For more  information please contact Susan Besst, Director, at 763.755.7341 or sbesst@epiphanymn.org 


Extended day Registration Contracts 2017



Room: Extended Day Office