Epiphany School Raffle

About Catholic United Financial’s Catholic Schools Raffle   

The raffle barrel has rolled, the tickets have been counted, the dollars collected and Catholic schools have exceeded all expectations! The 82 schools participating in the 2017 Catholic Schools Raffle have raised a record total of $1,066,450, revealed on March 9 at the Prize Ceremony in St. Paul, MN.

This is the fourth year in a row that the combined effort of Catholic school students, families, and staff produced a fundraising total in ticket sales and donations exceeding one million dollars.

Every dollar raised by the students stays with the schools thanks to sponsor Catholic United Financial. Participation in the Raffle is free to the schools, because Catholic United covers all costs for the prizes, ticket printing and promotional materials. The schools provide the volunteers, energy and creativity to make the most of the six-week program.

The Catholic Schools Raffle and Catholic United Financial have raised more than $6 million dollars for Catholic schools in Minnesota and the Dakotas since 2009. Video, photos and a list of prizewinners and results will be available at www.catholicunitedfinancial.org/raffle and on www.facebook.com/catholicschoolsraffle.

Top Selling Class Week 6 (Dessert)

Mr. Hennen’s 7th Grade Homeroom!!

2017 Top Selling Grade (Pizza Party)

Grade 1  23.07 tickets/student

2017 Top Selling Student (Kindle Fire)

Haley S., 196 tickets sold

 Raffle Update – Thank you!!

Thank you to all students, families, teachers, and parishoners for supporting this years raffle!!  We exceeded our goal and raised a total of $27,876!!  Because of your support we will be able to replace the cafeteria tables!!






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