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Second Grade

Welcome to Classroom 201

Week of 3/19

Language Arts

Prior to our break, we completed The Secret of the Shamrock.  The next couple of weeks will be spent on poetry…reading it, learning about different forms, and writing it.  While we do this, we will continue to work with adjectives.  Of course, we will have a spelling list for the week.


Our geometry chapter continues with sorting figures by attributes, identifying congruent (same size, same shape) figures, identifying a line of symmetry, working with slips, flips, and turns, as well as continuing and transferring patterns.


We head deep into preparation for First Communon this week, while we also journey towards Holy Week.  Some terms we will be learning:

Eucharist – thanksgiving (comes from the Greek)

transubstantiation – the changing of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ

Communion – union with (in this case, God and His Church)


We have neared the end of our Ancient Greece unit and will be finishing this week.  We will next delve into motion, with just a few concepts that need to be covered.


Book Report

By the time we return from break, your child should be well into, if not finished, with his chapter book.  Here are upcoming due dates:

Monday, March 26th – Sandwich First Copy (final will be completed in school)

Wednesday, March 28th – Speech First Copy (final 2 copies will be sent home to be completed)

Please remember that the sandwich sections should all be written in complete sentences.

Stations of the Cross

As a school, we have been doing Stations once a week for a couple of weeks now.  In class, we are going through each station and reflecting upon what Jesus went through on our behalf.

Report Cards

Report cards will soon be out for the second trimester.  As you view them, please keep in mind a few things.  Each trimester covers different topics, so a grade cannot be easily compared from trimester to trimester.  With an E, S, and N, we can’t communicate in great detail strengths and weaknesses, as they are rather broad categories.  God has given us all different abilities and strengths; as a teacher, I’m looking for each of my students to work to his potential.

Behavior Charts

You have likely noticed that it has been quite awhile since a behavior chart has come home.  I apologize for not addressing it sooner.  For the most part, we haven’t needed them, so I have stopped giving them to every child.  If there is a concern, I may send one home, or you will be emailed.  Thank you for all your support at home!



If words that do not have a capital letter are written with one on your child’s spelling test, they will be marked wrong.  By now we need to make sure that we are not capitalizing words that are not proper nouns.

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