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Second Grade Room 201

Second Grade

Welcome to Classroom 201

Week of 2/12

Language Arts

This week we will be continuing to read Greek myths.  We briefly learned about members of Zeus’ family and a few other gods.  Now we will have the opportunity to read a few more myths with wider scope.  In grammar, we will be working on using commas in dates and places.


Our chapter on double-digit subtraction continues.  We’ve been rounding and estimating, rewriting horizontal problems vertically, and will be using addition to check our subtraction.  Of course, there will be word problems involving double-digit subtraction.


Last week we learned some parables:  the mustard seed, the precious pearl, and the buried treasure.  This week we will be learning about serving others through the corporal works of mercy.


We continue our unit on Ancient Greece.  Having covered the exciting Trojan War, we will now be learning about Athens and Sparta – their similarities and differences.



Ash Wednesday and Lent

Mass will be on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday, as we commemorate the beginning of Lent.  During Lent we will be doing a whole class sacrifice.  What that will be I don’t yet know, as I allow the students to brainstorm ideas and we vote from that list.

St. Valentine’s Day/100th Day of School

Tuesday is a day of festivities as we celebrate the 100th Day of School, as well as St. Valentine’s Day.  No need to send a snack that day since we will be enjoying our 100th Day snack.  Remember, cereal boxes (needed for the 100th Day) and Valentine’s boxes are due on Monday, February 12th.  If you’re donating an item for our 100th Day snack, please send that to school on Monday as well.  Should you need to make special arrangements to get your cereal boxes to school, please let me know if there is some way that I can be of assistance.  Thank you so much for helping us with this endeavor!



If words that do not have a capital letter are written with one on your child’s spelling test, they will be marked wrong.  By now we need to make sure that we are not capitalizing words that are not proper nouns.

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Room 201
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