8-301 Third Grade

Mrs. Wittrock

Third Grade Room 301

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all you of Irish heritage!
     Just a reminder Spring break begins for all students March 8th-18th.  School resumes Monday, March 19th.

Because of our short week with a snow day and report card grading there will be NO Weekly Reports. I saved the ecosystem project reports and grades for the folders for this week.  They were graded with a rubrics score.

Remember that boots and all other winter attire are required to be worn at all recesses.  Especially if there is any snow out there!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Wittrock

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Religion:  We work on Chapter 18, “The Last Supper.”  We continue learning about Lent and pray the Mercy Chaplet during this season.  The quiz will be on Thursday, Mar. 22nd.

Reading:  The story of the week is “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” This is the famous Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale about two swindlers who fool the emperor.  We review the skills of visualization and find character traits using text evidence.

Grammar:  This week we will review proper nouns for holidays, titles of people, articles, and adjectives.  We will also review the prefixes im and in.

Mathematics:  We begin work with fractions in Chapter 12.  We will write word names for fractions, knowing it is a part of a whole. We will identify equivalent fractions and fractions of a set.

History:   We will begin learning about some Native tribes like the Inuits and the Anasazis, and the land bridge called Beringia.  It begins in the Ice Age.

Science:   We continue our  study of space, the planets, and the moon. We do a moon experiment and work the review.

Spelling:  The spelling list words this week all contain the suffix endings of ed or es.  The rules of changing  “y to i” and then adding these suffixes will need to be applied.


Mar. 19-23

 cities   cried    puppies    hurried   stories   flies   parties   tried   pennies   fried  carried   babies   spied   ponies   pretty   very   countries   libraries



inspect   gestured   admit   ridiculous   impression   swindlers   assembled   soldiers  scissors appalling

Recess and lunch are from 10:55-11:55 daily.  These are the days of our specials:

Monday: Music and Spanish

Tuesday:  Mass, Computer and Library

Wednesday:   Spanish and Gym

Thursday:  Art and Music

Friday:  Gym and Flashlight Friday


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