8-301 Third Grade

Mrs. Wittrock

Third Grade Room 301

   Dear Families,
              Thank-you so much for all the year end goodies, from prizes for the auction, to my wonderful cards and notes, and for all the gifts you have so generously given to me. I deeply appreciate it all!  It has been truly a blessing working with you and your children this year.
              Students please remember to always pray and read this summer.  Play and have fun too!  Practice those multiplication and basic math facts so you will keep them fresh in your minds.
Have a wonderful summer!

Summer Vacation Prayer

No more homework, no more tests.
No more getting up for school.
No more book reports or studying.
My summer vacation begins today!
I’m so happy and I’m so free.
I want to read and get up late.
I want to ride my bike and swim.
I want to play more with my friends.
Please bless my summer days, dear God.
Keep me safe and happy.

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Wittrock

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