8-301 Third Grade

Mrs. Wittrock

Third Grade Room 301

          I can’t believe this is the last week of the school year. I have enjoyed working with your children and have appreciated your support.  I sadly am saying that this group is my last.  I am retiring and leaving third grade in the hands of Ms. Zownirowycz.
       Wednesday, May 31, is our all school field day.  I told the class the color of the team they are on and had them write it in their assignment notebooks.  I will send a reminder note home on Tuesday.
     The last Mass of the school year is on Friday, June 1st, at 8:00 AM.  You are welcome to join us for this celebration.
     Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday, May 28th, due to the Memorial Day holiday.
     Have a wonderful summer!
Blessings and have a great week!

Mrs. Wittrock

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Religion:  We begin work in Chapter 27, “God’s Family.”  We review saints and feasts of Mary.

Reading:  We finish reading our final classic novel for third grade, “Farmer Boy.”   We work with writing chapter summaries and identify main ideas.

Grammar:  This week we review all the parts of speech.  We will also review sentence types and finish our fractured fairy tale good copies.

Mathematics:   We finish the unit on graphing and learn about probability.

History:  We continue work on studying the early explorers.  This week we learn about the Spanish explorers in America and John Cabot and Henry Hudson.

Science:   We finish work with solutions and mixtures.  The last quiz which will end this unit will be on Thursday, May 31st.

Spelling:  There are no spelling words for this last week of school.


May 28-June 1st

No spelling list this last week of school! 


Recess and lunch are from 10:55-11:55 daily.  These are the days of our specials:

Monday: Music and Spanish

Tuesday:  Mass, Computer and Library

Wednesday:   Spanish and Gym

Thursday:  Art and Music

Friday:  Gym and Flashlight Friday


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