8-301 Third Grade

Mrs. Wittrock

Third Grade Room 301

 It was great seeing you at conferences.  Will see the rest of you on Tuesday!  Thanks for taking time to meet with me.
We complete  NWEA testing on Friday, Feb. 16th with the Language Arts section.   Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast and gets a good night’s sleep on Thursday.
      I sent an email to all parents who volunteered to chaperone on our field trip on Feb. 21st.  If you did not receive notification please let me know.
      Due to Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine’s Day this year, the 3rd graders will be participating in a Valentine’s Day card exchange on Tuesday, Feb. 13th instead.  We will throw in a little Mardi Gras fun too!  A  class list was sent home on Friday in the yellow folders.
Please let me know if you need anything for the ecosystem project.  I am excited to see them!
     Epiphany has been chosen for the 4th year to participate in the Catholic Schools Raffle, sponsored by Catholic United Financial.  All raffle prizes and materials are provided by Catholic United Financial so 100% of the money raised from each $5 ticket sold stays at Epiphany.
Chances of being a winner is better than buying a lottery ticket!  Keep selling those raffle tickets!
We were classroom winners last week and hope to win again like second grade –two weeks in row!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Wittrock

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Religion:  We begin work on Chapter 16, Jesus Grows in Wisdom.  We talk about John the Baptist, Mardi Gras, and preparing for Lent.   We make our Lenten promises on Ash Wednesday and begin project of  discipleship.

Reading:  The story of the week is called, “The Dream Weaver.”  It is of the fantasy fiction genre.  The story is about a girl who runs away fromhome and becomes a professional dream weaver.  She later returns home to her family to help them and make an important decision.  We focus on the skills of finding main ideas and  supporting details.

Grammar:  This week we focus on contractions.  We work use not (n’t), will (‘ll), is (‘s) and have (‘ve) to add to pronouns.  We review compound words and use a dictionary to find entry words, parts of speech, and word meanings.

Mathematics:  We begin Chapter 10 multiplying two, three, and four  digit numbers by a one digit number. Keep practicing the facts 6-9 for mastery.

History:  We continue our study on the Vikings!  We will learn about the gods and goddesses and Nordic myths that are found in the Viking culture.

Science:   We have begun our  study of space, the planets, and the moon.  Keep working on the Ecosystem project.  REMEMBER you can bring it in before the due date.

Spelling:  The words this week are listed above.  The words are all compound words with stress  on the amount of syllables in each word.


 Feb. 12-16

birthday   anyone   sometimes   everything   homework  afternoon   airplane   grandmother  everybody

something  without   himself   faraway   sunburned  daylight  someone   cannot   scorekeeper



capable   reprimanding   occupation   console  calling   suited   whimsical   designs   praises   looms  fruit  clumsy

Recess and lunch are from 10:55-11:55 daily.  These are the days of our specials:

Monday: Music and Spanish

Tuesday:  Mass, Computer and Library

Wednesday:   Spanish and Gym

Thursday:  Art and Music

Friday:  Gym and Flashlight Friday


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