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Mrs. Follese′

Fourth Grade Room 401

Mrs. Follesé’s Class 

Hello Families of 401,

We are in the season of Lent. We have been discussing ways we can grow this liturgical season through prayer, different forms of fasting, and almsgiving. The children brought home a purple 2-sided paper with a Lenten calendar and an Ash Wednesday prayer (which can be prayed all throughout Lent). This can be hung on the refrigerator to help keep track of our journey through Lent. The children were challenged to choose a special task each day during lent to help themselves grow in holiness toward Our Lord. Thank you for supporting them.

Please sell and return raffle tickets ASAP! We need them all accounted for. There are still a number of outstanding tickets. We appreciate the support for our school!

We are researching our topic for Academic/STEM Fair that will be on April 10th. A bright orange packet with all the details has been sent home. We have a unique opportunity to send 3 students to the “Big Bang Catholic Schools STEM Fair” at Holy Family High School on April 21st. Students who would like to be considered for this STEM fair must do a project related to science, technology, engineering, or math. More information and upcoming due dates can be found on our assignment page. Please contact me if you have any questions about our Academic/STEM Fair.
Even though the weather is beginning to warm up slowly, cold weather items STILL need to be brought each day for recess! Coats, snow pants, boots, hats, and mittens are needed every day for recess. Depending on the day, they may need ALL warm pieces of clothing. Please remind your son/daughter to bring these items. This is MINNESOTA! You never know what the weather will be each day!

As always, please take the time each night to review the assignments in the assignment notebook (and the webpage weekly) with your child. They must keep organized or it will be hard to stay up to date with assignments. Thank you for your support and encouragement as we guide our students toward success and responsibility.

Thank you for your support! God Bless.
Mrs. Christine Follesé

As always… see below for information on Epiphany’s Raffle!

Catholic United Financial School Raffle

Ticket Sales Start January 12th!

Epiphany is excited to be chosen for the 4th year to participate in the Catholic Schools Raffle, sponsored by Catholic United Financial! All raffle prizes and materials are provided by Catholic United Financial so 100% of the money raised from each $5 ticket sold stays at Epiphany!!


This year our goal is $30,000 which will be used to do the following:

1) Purchase new cafeteria trays

2) Purchase a Google Chromebook Cart and 30 Chromebooks for our Middle School

3) Purchase an iPad Cart and 30 new iPads for our K-5 students

4) Any additional funds will be used to help with the playground relocation and renovation

What You Need to Know

10 Tickets will be sent home with every student, next Thursday January 11th. Students can start selling tickets Friday January 12th. All tickets need to be tracked and accounted for, so please acknowledge receipt of each student’s tickets by returning the acknowledgement slip(s) that you’ll receive with the tickets no later than Thursday January 18th. This will help us to know that the students brought the tickets home. All tickets must be returned to Catholic United Financial, sold and unsold to comply with raffle rules. They should not be discarded – please just return them school if you are unable to sell. Additional tickets can be requested at the school office or by emailing schoolfundraising@epiphanymn.org.


General Raffle Information


Checks should be made out to “Epiphany School” – 100% of the $5 stays with our school! There are many opportunities available to sell tickets after Mass – go towww.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0945ABAA22AAF94-catholic2 to sign up to sell today! All tickets sold by student volunteers will count towards the rewards. Spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions, please contact schoolfundraising@epiphanymn.org. Visit the School Raffle webpage www.epiphanyschoolmn.org/raffle for more information.

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Hello 4th Grade families! My name is Miss Christine Bauer and I’m so excited to begin this new adventure with you at Epiphany Catholic School! I’m 27 years old and this will be my 5th year of teaching.. I began my teaching career in a 2nd grade classroom and then taught 1st Grade for the past three years. I’ve recently moved to Minnesota from the state of Delaware which has been a huge adjustment, but I’m loving being here with everyone! Going into this school year comes such joy knowing that I get to share in your child’s 4th grade year with them! We have lots of fun things planned and I can’t wait to begin!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

God bless!
Miss Christine Bauer

Week of February 19th – 23rd, 2018
** There is no school on Monday 2/19 and Tuesday 2/20
 for the President’s Day holiday and a teacher PD day. See you on Wednesday! **

  • Religion: We are continuing reading about “A King for God’s People” (Chapter 12). We are learning about Samuel, Saul, Passover, and the Ark of the Covenant. Essential Questions for Chapter 12 will be due on Friday.
    • Assignments:
      • Chapter 12 Essential Questions (Fri 2/23).
  • Reading/Language Arts:After finishing our novel, “Stone Fox” last week, this week we will be working on a project reviewing the main events and theme throughout each chapter of our novel. Students may have homework each night if they are not able to complete part of their novel project in class. If so, please remind your child to bring this back to school each day. It is important for them to have this on hand. Another important thing to always remind your child is to…. READ. J They should be reading each night. Reading is key to academic success!  Please support them in their independent reading time and to fill out their reading logs afterward! Once turned in at the end of each month, they receive a special prize!! Thank you! The goal for this month is 3 good fit books.
    • Assignments:Assignments may change throughout the week. Please see your child’s agenda book for specific page assignments.
      • “Stone Fox” story test (Wed 2/21)
      • “Stone Fox” Packet (blue) (due 2/23)
  • Spelling: We have been learning words related to “Stone Fox”. They are difficult words so please help your child study for our test. They are also working on GET TO 50 activities for spelling practice. Their chosen GET TO 50 activities will be due on Wednesday, 2/21. You can always check out our 4th grade website: http://www.spellingcity.com/users/spaige for practice with our upcoming words or to review words we’ve learned in the past!
    • Assignments:
      • “Stone Fox” Spelling test ( 2/21).
      • “Get to 50” assignments (due Wed. 2/21)
  • Math: This week we are beginning a new chapter in math – Chapter 8: Fractions. There will be no test for Chapter 12: Division! Please still continue to practice memorization of multiplication and division facts at home as these can only strengthen their learning. We are practicing these every day in school as well. Extra credit pages for this chapter are WB pgs 150-151. I encourage all of our kiddos to complete the extra credit!! Also, be sure to have your child log in to their IXL account regularly. There are many fun activities on this site to help with fact practice! Your child’s log in information should be in their assignment notebook.
    • Assignments:
      • See your child’s assignment notebook each evening for classwork that may need to be completed as homework.
      • WB pg 150-151 (due Thurs. 2/22)– EXTRA CREDIT!!! 🙂
  • Science: We are focusing on Geography at this time. A new chapter will begin soon!
    • Assignments:
      • None at this time.
  • History/Geography:We are continuing to work on our Map Skills book. This week we will learn about identifying mountains, hills, and plains, political and physical maps, rainfall maps, land use maps, and map scale.
    • Assignments:
      • Please see your child’s assignment notebook for any incomplete classwork that may need completed as homework.
  • Academic Fair: See the following chart below for due dates of student work for the Academic Fair. We mentioned to the children previously that a great way to stay organized throughout their research for their project is to have a designated Academic Fair folder. Inside their folder they can keep their orange Academic Fair packet sent home from school, their notes (please see previous email for the attached note taking graphic organizer to assist in organized note taking – this can also be glued into a spiral notebook to keep all notetaking pages together easier), their sources, or other things that they’ve printed out for research. A flash drive may also be helpful, if desired! The children are working on finding at least 2 sources of information by Wednesday, February 21st. Students may need to go to the public library to find books about their topic over the upcoming long weekend. Please help support them with this important research. Also, they can print things from the internet (articles, studies, etc.) to use for their notes. We will be checking NOTES on Friday, March 2nd to make sure they are making some progress. We will start writing our outline/rough draft during the week of March 19th (after spring break). In summary, here are their Academic Fair due dates.
  • Assignment Due Dates:
Wed. Feb. 21st Find (at least) two informational sources. You may use the source sheet inside the orange Academic Fair packet to fill out.
Fri.  March 2nd Have at least 1-2 pages of notes on your topic complete. Please print and use the emailed note taking organizer (or students may get one from me during class).
Mon. March 19th Be ready to start writing the outline/rough draft.
Mon. March 26th Rough draft is due to be proofread in class. Handwritten is okay.
Thurs. April 5th Final typed report is due.
Tues. April 10th

(Day of Academic Fair!)

Final Academic Fair board due. This will be brought home today too.

Please watch for a class schedule to follow at the beginning of school.

Room 401
St. Mary Magdalene
Email: cbauer@epiphanymn.org


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