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Mrs. Follese′

Fourth Grade Room 401

Mrs. Follesé’s Class 

Hello Families of 401,

Happy last week of school! Wow, this year has FLOWN! We will have our all-school FIELD DAY on Wednesday, May 30th. Please check your child’s assignment notebook to see the color of the team your child has been assigned to. Each child should wear a colored t-shirt to represent the color of their team. Students may wear shorts but these need to be as long as their uniform shorts, per Epiphany school policy. Thank you!

Also, on Tuesday we are going to be kicking off our summer reading with “Camp Read-A Lot” Day! Students may bring in books and a beach towel to read outside.  We have a special visitor coming too! Ask your child about it at dinner time on Tuesday!

We are beginning to work on a Summer Review Packet and Book Report this week! These will both be due at Open House in August! By work on these a little each day over the summer, your child can keep their knowledge sharp and avoid the “summer slide.” Thank you for your encouragement and support of these important practices!!

In addition, don’t forget that your child can also work on their IXL and Khan Academy accounts over the summer! Each practice activity on the Khan Academy website is accompanied with a video to review the concept. Which is great for when students forget concepts over the summer! Before the end of the school year we will set up the students’ accounts with their NWEA scores so that they can practice these individualized skills over the summer! Their account log-in information should be in the front cover of their assignment notebook. Check it out!!

Join us for our last Mass of the year on Friday, June 1st at 8:00 AM.  Hope to see you there!

Be a great reader!! Don’t forget to log all of your reading time on your monthly reading log. This month’s reading logs are due on June 1st. Our goal this month is 4-5 good fit books.

Thank you for your support! God Bless.
Mrs. Christine Follesé

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Hello 4th Grade families! My name is Mrs. Christine Follesé and I’m so excited to begin this new adventure with you at Epiphany Catholic School! I’m 27 years old and this will be my 5th year of teaching.. I began my teaching career in a 2nd grade classroom and then taught 1st Grade for the past three years. I’ve recently moved to Minnesota this past summer from the state of Delaware which has been a huge adjustment, but I’m loving being here with everyone! Going into this school year comes such joy knowing that I get to share in your child’s 4th grade year with them! We have lots of fun things planned and I can’t wait to begin!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

God bless!
Mrs. Christine Follesé

Week of May 28th – June 1st, 2018
Happy Last Week of School!! Have a wonderful summer!

  • Religion: We are wrapping up our lessons with a 10 Commandments activity. We will also be acknowledging our friends’ God-given gifts through student written certificates on the last day of school.
    • Assignments:
      • None at this time.
  • Reading/Language Arts:This week we will finish our novel, “Sarah, Plain and Tall.” We will also be writing letters to next year’s 4thgrade students that they will be given next year and a letter to their 5thgrade teacher next year to introduce themselves! Each student will also receive a few packets to complete over the summer to keep their knowledge sharp! Students should work on the summer review packet and return it to me at Open House next year! They will also receive a reading log booklet as well as two small packets to complete a book report over the summer. One contains rough draft pages and the other, final draft pages. We will begin these next week before students leave for the summer. Bring your summer review packet, finished book report, and reading log back to me at Open House at the beginning of next year and you will receive a special prize!!!Has your child been reading each night? Reading is the key to academic success! Be sure to encourage your child to read for 20 minutes every day (and record their reading on their reading log!) These will be due as an assignment at the end of the month.
    • Assignments: Assignments may change throughout the week. Please see your child’s agenda book for specific assignments.
      • May reading logs (Due Fri. 6/01)
      • Summer Review Packet, Reading Log, and Completed Book Report (Open House Aug. 29th 2018) – return to me for a special prize!!
  • Spelling: Keep practicing your spelling skills over the summer! As always, please see our 4th grade website: http://www.spellingcity.com/users/spaige for practice with our spelling words or to review words we’ve learned in the past!
    • Assignments:
      • None this week.
  • Math:We are finished with Math Groups for this year! Students should review skills in their summer review packets to keep their math skills at work! They may also work on their IXL or Khan Academy account over the summer as well.
    • Assignments (Mrs. Follesé’s class):
      • None at this time.
  • Science:We have finished our Science curriculum for the year! Students may bring this book home and review over the summer for practice!  
    • Assignments:
      • None at this time. 
  • History/Geography:Over the weekend, students should use their rough draft that has been reviewed in school to complete their final draft of their Castle paragraph. All final drafts should be typed, printed, and turned in to school on Tuesday, May 29th. This is the final due date. Please see the rubric in the packet for specifics on what students should include. We will be presenting castles to the class this week! We look forward to seeing the creativity on all castles!!
    • Assignments:
    • Please see below for Castle project upcoming due dates…
    • Monday, May 14th
      • Learn about the purpose and parts of the castle including the importance of location in creating a good defense.
        Turn in:Find 2 good sources (books or internet resources) to help learn the above information. Also, complete and turn in the castle project planning sheets.
    • Friday, May 18th
      • Begin working on your castle model. You may begin writing your paragraph using what you’ve learned so far!
        Think: what are the important lines of defense that need to be included in your castle? What features should be included in a castle to attack the enemy? Be sure to label the important parts of your castle!
        Turn in:Nothing for this step… work on your castle at home!
    • Monday, May 21st
      • Turn in:Rough draft of your castle paragraph due. Can be handwritten or typed.
        Castle paragraphs should include (in at least 6 sentences): Accurate terminology, Information about your castle, Why castles were built in Medieval times, Purpose of parts in a castle, Accurate grammar and paragraph characteristics.
    • Tuesday, May 29th (Final project due day!)
      • Turn in: Final draft of castle paragraph (typed) and your final castle due today! Be prepared to present your castle to your classmates this week and explain why you made your castle the way you did. The important parts of your castle should be labeled.

Please watch for a class schedule to follow at the beginning of school.

Room 401
St. Mary Magdalene
Email: cbauer@epiphanymn.org

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