8-402 Fourth Grade

Mrs. Paige

Fourth Grade Room 402

Religion:  Pray, do kind deeds, and go to mass!

Reading/Language Arts:     Summer Reading Packet, IXL practice, and READ, READ, READ! Don’t forget to do your File Folder Summer Book Report!

Spelling: Keep practicing spelling over the summer!  You can check out https://www.spellingcity.com/users/spaige for practice!

Math:   IXL and Summer Review Packet

Science:  We are finished with the units in science.  The students may have the book and review over the summer for practice!

History/Geography:  Read about United States History!  That is what you learn about in 5th grade!


Hi Families of 402,

Hello 4th Grade Parents,

To prevent the “summer slide” and keep our 4th grade skills sharp, Mrs. Paige and I have compiled a few packets and resources for your child to work on over the summer. These include:

  • Daily/weekly IXL or Khan Academy practices and activities
    • Your child should have their log in information inside of their assignment notebook. Be sure to record this information before recycling their assignment notebook!!
  • Summer reading book idea list
    • These are just a few ideas to help your child get started with a fun summer reading book! See your local library, Barns & Noble, or even Scholastic.com for great lists!
  • A summer reading log (including reading skills tips)
    • This booklet should be filled out each time your child finishes reading a book.
    • Inside you’ll also find helpful tips to help your child grow in their reading skills (comprehension, word recognition of more difficult words, etc.)
  • Summer review packet of skills
    • This contains a variety of worksheets reviewing skills that we learned this year.
    • **Tip: for help with math questions, check out Khan Academy videos either on Youtube.com or on Khanacademy.org!
  • A file folder book report (including packets of rough and final draft materials)
    • Your child will first need to complete the rough draft packet of this assignment before working on the second part, the final draft pages. PLEASE do not skip ahead to the final draft packet without first going through the worksheets in the rough draft packet explaining how to correctly identify the information from the book to fill in to the worksheets.
    • The final draft worksheets will need cut out and glued onto the manila file folder that your child was given during the last week of school. Your child has already begun working on these at school.


Please keep in mind that our intention for these resources is for your child to work on them a little each day (remember, 10 minutes per grade level!) and to not wait until the last week before school begins and feel bogged down with “homework.” These should be an extra tool to help your child prepare for their upcoming year as a 5th grader.

As an extra bonus, please bring ALL of this work back to your teacher (completed!) at Open House at the beginning of the school year for a SPECIAL PRIZE!


Have a wonderful summer!!!


Mrs. Paige

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Specials for the Week:

Monday:  Computer and Spanish

Tuesday:  Physical Education and Art

Wednesday:  Library, Spanish, and Adoration Chapel

Thursday:  Music and Physical Education

Friday:  Computer and Music

Room 402

St Elizabeth Ann Seton



  1. Shelley Paige : June 1, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    Updated for SUMMER Vacation!

    A Summer Blessing
    By Gwen Costello

    Go now, children, and know
    that the Spirit of Jesus
    will be watching over you.

    Go now and enjoy
    God’s summer gifts
    of warm sun, cooling waters,
    and long, light days.

    Go now, children,
    with the gift of faith,
    that you might see God’s hand
    in all your work and play.

    Go now with the gift of hope,
    that you might offer love and care
    to all you meet.

    Go now with the gift of knowledge,
    all that you have learned.
    With God’s help, live it.

    Go now, children,
    with these words of Jesus
    in your hearts:
    “I will not leave you alone;
    I am with you always.”


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