8-402 Fourth Grade

Mrs. Paige

Fourth Grade Room 402

Hi Families of 402,

We are in the season of Lent.  We have been discussing what WE can do for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  Ask your child about the purple Lenten journey that they should be thinking about each day.  I will be collecting the purple sheets after Easter to see what they focused on during Lent.  Thank you for supporting them.

Please sell and return raffle tickets ASAP!  We need them all accounted for.  We appreciate the support for our school!

We are researching our topic for ACADEMIC/STEM Fair that will be on April 10th.  A bright orange packet with all the details will be sent home.  It is important to pick a topic that is interesting to the student and also related to science, math, engineering, art, career, history, music, or literature.  We have a unique opportunity to send 3 students to the BIG BANG CATHOLIC SCHOOLS STEM FAIR at Holy Family High School on April 21st.  Students who would like to be considered for this STEM fair must do a project related to science, technology, engineering, or math.

Cold weather items need to be brought each day for recess!  Coats, snow pants, boots, hats, and mittens are needed every day for recess.  Please remind your son/daughter to bring these items. This is MINNESOTA!  You never know what the weather will be each day!

Thank you for your support!  God Bless.

-Mrs. Paige

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Religion:  We are reviewing for the Unit 3 test on Thursday, February 22nd.  We are then starting to learn about King David (chapter 13).  We are also doing the Stations of the Cross each week as a class or a school community.

Reading/Language Arts: We are reading the novel, STONE FOX and working on a blue comprehension packet.  The students will have homework each night in this blue packet.  The packet is due on Wednesday, February 22nd.  We are working on chapter summaries for our STONE FOX project.  Please proofread their chapter summaries by Wednesday, February 22nd.  They can also type their summaries if they want to!  Ask them about it!  It is a wonderful book.    Has your child been reading each night?  Remember READING is KEY to academic success!  Please support them in their independent reading time. Thank you!  The goal for this month is 3 good fit books!

Spelling:  No spelling for the short week.  We will then be doing words for Lesson 17.  The lesson 17 test is on Friday, March 2nd. You can check out https://www.spellingcity.com/users/spaige for practice!

Math:   We starting Fractions (chapter 8).  Students should be focusing on IXL on fractions.    Also, be sure to ask your child about their IXL account! We had a lot of fun practicing our math facts and skills through this awesome website! Your child’s log in information should be in their assignment notebook.

Science:  We are learning about ENERGY (unit 9).  The vocabulary words are conduction, conductor, convection, heat, insulator, kinetic energy, potential energy, and radiation.  The students are working on flash cards for the chapter.  They should be reviewing them a couple times a week.

History/Geography: We are focusing on SCIENCE.  A new chapter will begin soon!


Specials for the Week:

Monday:  Computer and Spanish

Tuesday:  Physical Education and Art

Wednesday:  Library, Spanish, and Adoration Chapel

Thursday:  Music and Physical Education

Friday:  Computer and Music

Room 402

St Elizabeth Ann Seton



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