8-503 Fifth Grade

Ms. Duerr

Fifth Grade Room 503

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June 4- August 31

A Summer Blessing

By: Gywen Costello

Go now, children, and know that the Spirit of Jesus will be watching over you.

Go now and enjoy God’s summer gifts of warm sun, cooling waters, and long, light days.

Go now, children, with the gift of faith, that you might see God’s hand in all your work and play.

Go now with the gift of hope, that you may know God’s guidance, which is keeping you safe.

Go now with the gift of love, that you might offer love and care to all you meet.

Go now with the gift of knowledge, remembering all that you have learned.  With God’s help live it.

Go now, children, with these words of Jesus in your hearts: “I will not leave you alone; I am with you always.”

Educate is the electronic tool we use here at school to keep track of your child’s grades.  Most of you have already used it when you went to the web site at the end of each trimester to check your child’s progress.  Beginning in 5th grade you can access your child’s grade book page at any time to see how they are doing.


June, July and August

The following items are a general outline of our week in each subject.  Please check your child’s assignment notebook every day to know the specific work for that day and when homework for that day is due.

RELIGION: Attend Mass on Sunday, read the bible, say the rosary with your family, see if you can complete the religion activity book even though you do not have the other book to look back in, and remember what Father said at the last all school Mass of the school year: say your prayers when you go to bed and when you get up in the morning.

READING: Read, read and read some more. This could be magazines, comics, and yes even picture books- just read, read, and read some more.

WRITING: Write a letter to someone you know who lives far away, write a story,  write a movie review when you watch a movie, describe what you are doing this summer in a daily journal, and keep writing.

SPELLING: When driving down the highway have a spelling contest with the others in the car, learn to spell one new word each day, find a fun spelling game on your electronic device, or find your spelling list from this past school year and review them.

MATH: Continue practicing your facts (this is very important), find some good math games on your electronic device, and continue working on the math workbook pages we did not do this year that are in the math workbook you took home.

HISTORY:  Use the rest of your history workbook and research the answers at the library or the internet.

SCIENCE: You have your science book with unfinished chapters to read and prepare for Middle School.







































A school/church tab has been added to the web page to make it easier for you to check out the events outside the classroom.













Cindy Duerr



Room 503
St Anne


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    Miss Duerr has updated her web page for the summer! God Bless

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