8-503 Fifth Grade

Ms. Duerr

Fifth Grade Room 503

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Weekly message – February 12-16

We will celebrate Valentine Day on February 13th along with Mardi Gras, as Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine Day this year. Students should bring a valentine for the whole class and if anyone would like to send a cookie or cupcake treat instead of a paper Valentine that would be great.

Friday is our field trip to the state capitol.

The Catholic Schools Raffle sponsored by Catholic United Financial begins today.  Yesterday, every student brought their raffle tickets home along with a letter explaining what needs to be done.  Please remember you MUST return unsold raffle tickets.

We have begun Adoration in our new school chapel. Our time is Wednesdays 12:15-12:30.

Fifth grade students are expected to have snow pants and boots for recess during the winter months.


Educate is the electronic tool we use here at school to keep track of your child’s grades.  Most of you have already used it when you went to the web site at the end of each trimester to check your child’s progress.  Beginning in 5th grade you can access your child’s grade book page at any time to see how they are doing.



































A school/church tab has been added to the web page to make it easier for you to check out the events outside the classroom.

February 12-16

The following items are a general outline of our week in each subject.  Please check your child’s assignment notebook every day to know the specific work for that day and when homework for that day is due.

RELIGION: Mass for this week is on Ash Wednesday, February 14th.  We are reading, “The Kingdom of Heaven,” chapter 14.

READING:  This we are reading “James Forten,” in lesson 14. The skills for next week are sequence and Greek and Latin word parts.

WRITING: We are learning about active and passive voice in lesson 14.

SPELLING: The words for lesson 14, are words with the vv pattern.

MATH: We finish chapter 7 “Probability and Statistics,” and take the test on Wednesday, February 14th.  We then begin working with decimals in chapter 8.

HISTORY:  We finish reading chapter 8 “The Revolutionary War,” and take the test on Thursday, February 15th.

SCIENCE: We continue chapter 2 “The Engineering Process.”














Cindy Duerr



Room 503
St Anne


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