8-K2 Kindergarten

Mrs. Ingebrigtsen

Kindergarten K2


Mrs. Ingebrigtsen’s Kindergarten Class

Practice writing at home…ask your child to write a word (big, sit, lip, win, sat, hat, get, swim, flip, etc.).  We are working on hearing the correct vowel sound in the middle and remembering that ALL words have a vowel in them.  If you ask them to write hit, and they write het, have them say the sounds with you, and help them hear the i sound in hit.

Snack…We are still in need of additional snacks.  If you have not sent in additional snack, please send more snacks with your child ASAP.

Sight words…Please be practicing sight words at home with your child.  If your child does not know his nor her letter sounds at this point, you should be practicing almost every night.  We are working hard in kindergarten, but as are moving into blending and segmenting words it is imperative that all children know the letter sounds.

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Kindergarten Sight Words: I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, come, me, with, my, what, you, are, now, is, how, find, this, will, be, go, for

Letter of the Week: Dd

Word of the Week: go, for

Language Arts: Beginning sounds/letter recognition, blending and segmenting words, middle sounds, verbs, penmanship, Last names, reading with expression, verbs

Math: Basic addition

Religion:  Our Father, weekly Gospel, Lent




LibraryLibrary (remember your books!)

Show and Tell:




p.e.Gym (remember your shoes!)

Image result for good shepherd clipart Catechesis of the Good Shepard



Show and Tell:



p.e.Gym (remember your shoes!)


Show and Tell:



computer    Computer

Show and Tell:

Please feel free to contact me at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


763-754-1750 Ext. 442


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