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Used for the map quizzes, learning the countries of the world – https://lizardpoint.com/

Similar to lizardpoint but has a nice smartphone app as well – https://www.seterra.com/



Visit the Owl Purdue website for Writing Tips and MLA Formatting


6th grade Rocks and the Rock Cycle fill in the blank notes – 8th Grade Dynamic earth U3 L2&3 notetaking sheet

6th grade Rocks and the Rock cycle vocab worksheet – 8th dynamic earth U3 L2&3 VOCAB GAME

7th Grade DNA notes – 7th Cells and Heredity (Mod A) U2L6 – DNA

Accessing our science curriculum online is simple! Follow these directions to find the text, an audio version, and interactive lessons.

1. Go to www-k6.thinkcentral.com.
2. Select your state, district (Archdioc StPaul-mnpls Ed Off), and school (Epiphany School, Coon Rapids) from the dropdown menus.
3. Enter your user name and password (given to you in class).
4. Click Login.

5. Go to My Library

6. Click on “Science” at the bottom left side of the page

-If you select “Electronic Student Edition” for the Module you are working on, you will find the electronic copy of the text.

-If you select “ScienceFusion Student Access English Module” for the Module you are working on, you will find the text and some other resources (like virtual labs and digital lessons)


Update coming. Please check back soon.

Update coming. Please check back soon.

Update coming. Please check back soon.

Current Google Technology Classroom assignments due:

  • Two Month Budget – Due 10/24th.

Current Links used in the classroom:

Typing Site 

Educate– student login for reviewing grades.

Additional Reinforcement links for ELA and Math

Tweet Tribune – News Articles according to Lexile Reading Level

Reword Phases and words 

Snappy Words-  Visual dictionary and Thesaurus

Curriculum ELA and Math resources

Physical Education

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! I am excited and ready to the new year so let’s all hit the ground running with these goals in mind:

  1. Develop a LOVE for movement.
  2. Learn what it means to be physically literate.
  3. Be FIT for LIFE!

We welcome our new kids on the block (preschool kiddos) as they join us this year for physical activities. They are working hard on locomotor skills and movement concepts.

This fall, we will focus on the following:

Middle School = Team Building & Fitness Concepts


Be Fit, Mrs. Garry